Business Software


Esoft develops a suite of business software solutions including accounting, stock-control and payroll applications.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution interfaces with both the Esoft Accounting and Esoft Stock Control software applications.

This communication is bi-directional. For instance, you can import and synchronise customer account information, account balances, product information, stock levels, pricing and product photos. Similarly, you can send back to Esoft your online orders and transactions (i.e. customer purchases and orders from your e-commerce website).

We have implemented our CRM solution for numerous clients running the Esoft Business Suite. Many are using this combination to gain insight, increase sales and improve the way they work through our core CRM functionality. For some others, we have taken this further by developing and seamlessly integrating e-commerce stores and online business apps (i.e. web-applications for specific vertical markets).

Essentially, with our CRM & CMS (content management) application you can easily and effortlessly extend your reach and bridge the gap between your on-premise Esoft business solution and your online business activities.

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